Category: Comedy

A comedy / variety show featuring wacky friends Adam Choit & Michael Firestone about fart jokes, food, music, sports, Borat, everyday people, life, and stuff. (It’s about nothing & everything) ✌️❤️🍪

6. Michael’s Return… and PIZZA

July 25, 2017

Today, Michael makes his triumphant return to the show and tells us he’s feeling much better. He responds to Adam’s solo show about Los Angeles, and mentions some of his own likes and dislikes about the city... After the guys try to figure out how to pronounce "Los Feliz” correctly, they discuss all things PIZZA, including their favorite styles and toppings. They give us their thoughts on “chain” pizza, frozen pizza, and even Vegan and sauceless pizza! So sit back with a hot slice of cheesy-doughy-sauce-y goodness and enjoy the show!