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A comedy / variety show featuring wacky friends Adam Choit & Michael Firestone about fart jokes, food, music, sports, Borat, everyday people, life, and stuff. (It’s about nothing & everything) ✌️❤️🍪

15. Michael’s Sister, Musician Kristin Soni

November 14, 2017

Today you’re in for a special treat as We’re Doin’ It: The Adam & Michael Podcast have guest number one on the show. That’s right, the first guest ever is none other than Kristin Soni- who’s not just Michael’s sister and a mother of two very young boys, but she is also a musician who just put out an album of children’s music called “We Love.” But before she serenades us on the show with her beautiful voice and soulful ukulele accompaniment, we find out just what it was like to grow up under the same roof as Michael, who rather enjoyed grossing out Kristin as a kid… Despite her not having a song about potty training just yet, still definitely come along for a musical journey led Kristin Soni, who gives us an inside look at her writing process and recording process.